Emergency Laceration Repair in Beirut Lebanon

Emergency Scar and Suture Treatment in Beirut

At Kare Plastic Surgery in Beirut, our expert plastic surgeons provide 24-hour emergency care for acute lacerations, cuts, scrapes, and burns across Lebanon. Our specialists are highly-trained in burn care, plastic surgery, and scars and are experienced in meticulous suture-methods to minimize longterm scarring, optimize wound healing, and mitigate the inconvenience of waiting in the emergency room in Beirut. We are available by appointment during business hours, and after-hours should a need arise. 

Emergency care for bruises, lacerations, cuts, scrapes, burns in Beirut with AUB Plastic Surgeon

If you or your family member has sustained an injury such as a laceration, small burn, or skin injury that requires immediate care, the expert surgeons at Kare Plastic Surgery in Downtown Beirut can be contacted after-hours to evaluate the injury and perform immediate repair in a comfortable, luxurious surgical setting in Downtown Beirut. In doing so, you will directly access a top specialist in the field and avoid the unecessary wait and referrals inherent in an emergency room setting. 

Our surgeons are available to manage the acute emergency and oversee the longterm follow-up to ensure that you heal properly. As plastic surgeons with subspecialty training in the United States, we are fluent in English, French, Armenian, and Arabic. Our facilities meet the highest international standards for safety, professionalism, and care. We cater to the expat community, foreign tourists and travellers, and can work directly with international embassies in Lebanon to assist in your medical care. 

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Depending on your specific situation, please call us directly or have your hotel concierge, embassy staff, or assistant contact us to initiate a consultation. We are able to work directly with the Four Seasons Beirut, Movenpick Beirut, and Phoenicia Hotel Beirut. Our surgeons are available 24 hours a day to discuss your options for emergency laceration treatment. If you have an immediate need, contact our office today. 

Emergency lacerations also require suture removal. If you emergency room physician lacks follow-up and you need suture removal in Beirut Lebanon, please contact our office today to schedule your appointment. Plastic Surgery requires meticulous attention to detail and the skills of a highly qualified plastic surgeon. 

Lip lacerations: Emergency lacerations on the lips may require a trip to the emergency room in the acute period after tissue trauma. Our surgeons are knowledgeable about lip anatomy and can help you regain aesthetic outcomes after a traumatic lip laceration. The goal is to repair like tissue so that there are few areas of uneven scarring. The severity of your lip laceration depends on whether there is mucosal or skin involvement.