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Spider Vein Treatments

More than 60% of adult women will develop spider and varicose veins in their legs as a result of hormonal, genetic, and activity-related influences. These spider veins begin as small thread-like blood vessels underneath the skin and evolve into larger clusters of veins that become a cosmetic concern with age. Spider veins can cause the legs to look older, mottled in appearance, and cosmetically-unappealing. Our leading vein surgeons Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian and Dr. Hratch Karamanoukian can help you eliminate unwanted spider and varicose veins in our Downtown Beirut cosmetic surgery center. Both surgeons are experts in the field of vein surgery and can formulate a treatment plan that incorporates longterm solutions for your problem.

Facial Spider Veins

Spider vein removal in Beirut Lebanon Achrafieh Nazareth Papazian