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Mole + Birthmark Removal in Beirut Lebanon

Removing a mole on the face can be performed by one of our expert plastic surgeons in Beirut using a combination of surgery, laser therapy, RF treatment, Hyfrecation, and electrodessication. Our top plastic surgeons have received subspecialty training in the United States and are skilled in minimally-invasive methods to remove birthmarks, moles, dark spots, scars, and age spots on the face and body. 


Syringomas are benign sweat glands that become overactive and overgrown on the eyelids and cheeks. Over many years, syringomas become visible as bumps that resemble small warts on the upper and lower eyelids. If left untreated, they can become a cosmetic concern despite all attempts at cover-up with makeup. Our expert plastic surgeons are world-renowned for the management of syringomas on the eyelids. Treatments include fractional laser, Melapads, syringoma hyfrecation, and electrodessication with RF.